Drilling contractor, well services and strategic support services to oil, gas and geothermal exploration and production companies

The WellGear Group services the petroleum, geothermal, salt cavern, gas storage and natural gas industries with snubbing, workover and Well control services with a focus on innovation and excellence.

Within these industries WellGear are industry leaders in:

  • Hydraulic Workover
  • Snubbing
  • Conductor recovery
  • Caisson recovery and replacement
  • Well Control
  • Project management

WellGear's strength is based around the extensive experience of the team, with some of the most experienced and highly respected members of the industry at the heart of the company.

The design principle of the “hydraulic workover unit” has not progressed over the years, despite significant room for improvement. WellGear is working towards achieving its aim of building and operating the next generation of units. WellGear aims to achieve the following:

  • Incorporation of an automatic pipe handling system
  • Elimination of Guy wires, dead weights and Well head loading
  • Elimination of extensive crane usage and working at heights

WellGear have taken major steps in achieving these aims with delivery of the 340K Unit in Q2 2016 along with the first custom built modular HWO package on schedule to arrive in Q4 2016. Meanwhile designs that are nearing completion for further packages.