quality & hse


“Quality, health, safety, environment. Four components of a responsible corporate management approach based on the belief that all accidents are caused by human error and are, therefore, preventable with better training and administration.” 

H – Health – Addresses the Health of workers and employees. This can include physical and psychological health of those involved in a given situation or work environment. Always remember that Bullying, Stress and Illness or Diseases all fall under the ‘H’ component of a successful HSEQ strategy.

S – Safety – How what we do, the actions we conduct, the working environment and the processes we use can be done safely and efficiently. The Safety element of a successful system looks at how safe the working environment is and what other potential risks may be present. Safety looks to address the regulations and procedures to prevent accidents, incidents and injuries.

E – Environmental – How the activities of the business or employees affects the environment from pollution to correct WEEE regulations. Environmental Health is becoming an increasing concern for businesses looking to act ethically and convey their corporate responsibility charter. This may include the maintenance of ISO 14001.

Q – Quality – Looks at the quality of work, actions or processes which are implemented. Additionally, Quality addresses many of the management systems in place to maintain a safe and efficient working environment that is both safe, compliant and productive. 

The initiative and knowledge in QHSE of personnel, supported by commitment of our management, is the core of the safety culture that we are building together.

We provide HSE specialists who can plan, document, integrate and implement HSE policy and standards thus reducing operational risk. 

We assist for preparation of Safety Policy and Procedures starting from project design / process safety until all activities at the end of the project. 

Our Consultants have placed HSE performance as a foundation for its business. It is the prime concern and deliverable for all its activities. Ensuring the safety of personnel, protecting the environment and safe guarding of assets is paramount. 

We believe in the following guiding principles which are the sustaining force behind the controls those are required to operate in the complex day to day business of oil industry.

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