Geothermal energy and water exploration,soil investigation for structure foundations,core drilling.

ORFA's work areas are mainly;

  • Exploration and completion of Geothermal energy wells
  • Exploration and completion of underground water
  • Soil investigation for structure foundations
  • Exploration core drilling- mining industry
  • Well imaging and engineering services
  • Inclinometer,Pressurometer measurements
  • Seismic and resistivity measurement with RAS 24

Orfa's Geothermal exploration services include Gradyan Drilling, Research Drilling, Re-injection Drilling and Geothermal Production Drilling with 2 (two) drilling rigs owned by Orfa which drill 1500 meters wells.

Water Well drilling, company owns 2 (two) drilling rigs which can drill to 450 meters water wells.

Company also performs all kinds of engineering studies such as geophysical tests, direction-slope measurements, core orientation, log operations in aforementioned wells.

Core drilling for all kinds of mining and coal fields,company owns 2 (teo) TSM 750 and 2 (two) D-500 -a  total of 4 mechanical core drilling machine which can be drill to 800 meters depth.

Company other services are, renting generator sets, mud pumps, compressor, downhole camera, Crane and logistic services,Company with its 2 (two) Atlas Copco XRVS 476 and XRVS aftercooler 466 compressors can perform water drilling and rock drilling.